HP LaserJet Pro 300 color Printer M351 series - Manual color options

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Manual color options

Use manual color options to adjust the Neutral Grays, Halftone, and Edge Control options for

text, graphics, and photographs.


Adjust color


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Table 9-1

Manual color options

Setting description

Setting options

Edge Control

The Edge Control setting determines the rendering
of edges. Edge control has two components:
adaptive halftoning and trapping. Adaptive
halftoning increases edge sharpness. Trapping
reduces the effect of color-plane misregistration by
overlapping the edges of adjacent objects slightly.

Off turns off both trapping and adaptive halftoning.

Light sets trapping at a minimal level. Adaptive halftoning is on.

Normal sets trapping at a medium level. Adaptive halftoning is

Maximum is the most aggressive trapping setting. Adaptive
halftoning is on.


Halftone options affect color output clarity and

Smooth provides better results for large, solid-filled print areas
and enhances photographs by smoothing color gradations. Select
this option when uniform and smooth area fills are important.

Detail is useful for text and graphics that require sharp
distinctions among lines or colors, or images that contain a
pattern or a high level of detail. Select this option when sharp
edges and small details are important.

Neutral Grays

The Neutral Grays setting determines the method
for creating gray colors used in text, graphics, and

Black Only generates neutral colors (grays and black) by using
only black toner. This guarantees neutral colors without a color
cast. This setting is best for documents and grayscale viewgraphs.

4-Color generates neutral colors (grays and black) by combining
all four toner colors. This method produces smoother gradients
and transitions to other colors, and it produces the darkest black.


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