HP LaserJet Pro 300 color Printer M351 series - Reports menu

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Reports menu

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Menu Structure

Prints a map of the control panel-menu layout. The active settings for each menu are listed.

Config Report

Prints a list of all the product settings. Includes basic network information when the product is
connected to a network.

Supplies Status

Prints the status for each print cartridge, including the following information:

Estimated percentage of cartridge life remaining

Approximate pages remaining

Part numbers for HP print cartridges

Number of pages printed

Information about ordering new HP print cartridges and recycling used HP print

Network Summary

Prints a list of all product network settings

Usage Page

Prints a page that lists pages that were jammed or mispicked in the product, the number of
monochrome (black and white) or color pages, and the total page count.

PCL Font List

Prints a list of all the PCL fonts that are installed.

PS Font List

Prints a list of all the PostScript (PS) fonts that are installed

PCL6 Font List

Prints a list of all the PCL6 fonts that are installed

Color Usage Log

Prints a report that shows the user name, application name, and color usage information on
a job-by-job basis

Service Page

Prints the service report

Diagnostics Page

Prints the calibration and color diagnostics pages

Print Quality Page

Prints a page that helps solve problems with print quality


Chapter 2 Control panel menus