HP LaserJet Pro 300 color Printer M351 series - Service menu

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Service menu

Use this menu to restore default settings, clean the product, and activate special modes that affect print

output. Items that have asterisks (*) indicate the factory default setting.

Menu item

Sub-menu item


Cleaning Page

Use this option to clean the product if you see toner
specks or other marks on the printed output. The
cleaning process removes dust and excess toner from
the paper path.

When you select this item, the product prompts you to
load plain paper in Tray 1 and then press the


button to start the cleaning process. Wait until the
process is complete. Discard the page that prints.


For models that do not have an automatic

duplexer, the product prints the first side and then
prompts you to remove the page from the output bin
and reload it in Tray 1, keeping the same orientation.

USB Speed



For the product to actually operate at high speed, it
must have high speed enabled and be connected to
an EHCI host controller that is also operating at high
speed. This menu item also does not reflect the current
operating speed of the product.

Less Paper Curl



If printed pages are consistently curled, use this
option to set the product to a mode that reduces curl.

Archive Print



If you are printing pages that will be stored for a long
time, use this option to set the product to a mode that
reduces toner smearing and dusting.

Firmware Date

Displays the current firmware datecode.

Restore Defaults

Sets all customized menu settings to the factory
default values.


Service menu