HP LaserJet Pro 300 color Printer M351 series - Cannot connect more computers to the wireless product

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Cannot connect more computers to the wireless product


Make sure that the other computers are within the wireless range and that no obstacles block the

signal. For most networks, the wireless range is within 30 m (100 ft) of the wireless access point.


Make sure the product is turned on and in the ready state.


Turn off any third-party firewalls on your computer.


Make sure that the wireless network is working correctly.

a. On the product control panel, open the Network configuration menu, and then open the

Wireless Menu item.

b. Select the Network Test item to test the wireless network. The product prints a report with

the results.


Make sure that the correct port or product is selected.

a. From the list of printers on your computer, right-click the name of this product, click

Properties, and then open the Ports tab.

b. Click the Configure Port button to verify that the IP address matches the IP address listed

on the Run Network Test report.


Make sure that your computer is working correctly. If necessary, restart your computer.