HP LaserJet Pro 300 color Printer M351 series - The wireless network is not functioning

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The wireless network is not functioning


To verify if the network has lost communication, try connecting other devices to the network.


Test network communication by pinging the network.

a. Open a command-line prompt on your computer. For Windows, click Start, click Run, and

then type cmd.

b. Type ping followed by the service set identifier (SSID) for your network.


If the window displays round-trip times, the network is working.


Make sure that the router or product connects to the same network that your computer connects to.

a. Open the Reports menu, and select the Configuration Report item to print the report.

b. Compare the service set identifier (SSID) on the configuration report to the SSID in the printer

configuration for your computer.


If the SSIDs are not the same, the devices are not connecting to the same network.

Reconfigure the wireless setup for your product.


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