HP LaserJet Pro 300 color Printer M351 series - Set the color options with Mac

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Set the color options with Mac

If you are using the HP Postscript printer driver for Mac, HP EasyColor technology scans all

documents and automatically adjusts all photographic images with the same improved photographic


In the following example, the images on the left were created without using the HP EasyColor option.

The images on the right show the enhancements that result from using the HP EasyColor option.

The HP EasyColor option is enabled by default in the HP Mac Postscript printer driver, so you do not

need to make manual color adjustments. To disable the option so you can manually adjust the color

settings, use the following procedure.


On the File menu, click the Print option.


Select the driver.


Open the Color/Quality Options menu, and then click the HP EasyColor check box to clear



Open the Advanced menu, or select the appropriate tab.


Adjust the individual settings for text, graphics, and photographs.


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